The Deceptive Use of the Word Gentile in Scripture

With out a doubt, “Kerux Replies” get’s “IT”!! Looking around for more information on the creation/origin of the Scofields Bible, I happened on this fact filled site produced by a man, I presume, that has done far more in-depth research than I have, BUT, we both go ‘at it’ in much the same way. and that is through “Study, Research and OBSERVATION’!

I recommend that any one that want’s to be sure whether what they believe is the TRUTH, explore his web site! Well worth a little time!!


Kerux Replies


The Scriptures were originally written in either Hebrew or Greek, not English. What translators do, is just that, translate the original languages into – in our case – English. To do this, the translators should use English words, not Latin words.

The word Gentile is a Latin word, gentilis and it meant, at the time of the Roman occupation of Palestine, “non-Roman citizen” not nation, the Greek word ethnos it is translated for.

There was/is no need to use a Latin word when translating into English the Greek or Hebrew words, ethnos or goy respectively, as there is an English word that can and should be used to translate these two words – that word is, nation. Nation is the English word that means goy or ethnos, not Gentile. English translations are just that, English translations, not Latin translations. The word Gentile does not mean nation in the first…

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3 thoughts on “The Deceptive Use of the Word Gentile in Scripture

    1. EDOMS THORN Post author


      Thank you for your encouragement.
      I read in 1989 or there about, that Edom had followed Judah into Babylon during the captivity, and the author, who I wish I could remember, said that Edom was a thorn in Judahs side, accusing and causing trouble for Judah with the King. He also wrote that when the Remnant of Judah returned to Jerusalem, Edom followed them, bringing with them their Babylonian Talmud!
      And that statement of Edom being a THORN, struck me as a very descriptive term for Edom throughout History! They have indeed been a THORN in the Children of Israels side for nearly three-thousand years!
      So, three years ago I found myself at, reading the comments, and I kept seeing people posting ‘excerpts’ from EDOMS FABLES™ you know what I mean, Jesus was a JEW, the JEWS are Gods Chosen, etc. So I registered at I.W. and choose my user name, EDOMS THORN without any hesitation! It was a natural!!

      Thanks again, your support is needed.



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