The foolish dogma and logic of Christian Zionists

These Americans believe it is okay to violate religious precepts if it is in service of the state, and in that service to the state these people promote the idea that an individual is not responsible for having to make any moral distinctions. They truly believe that service to the state transcends good and evil and supplants the precepts of Christianity, the primary religion to which US politicians, including Barak Obama, pay fake homage to garner public support. By doing this they have placed the state above a true God and have become moral relativists. If one believes the dictates of the state ever usurp God’s commandments, then the state has become their god whose dictates, uttered by political vicars, carry more weight than the religious writings that command them to be just.

The Christian Bible does not say, “Thou shall not kill -except when the US government or Zionist adherents seek to dominate economically, politically, or militarily. The Bible does not say, “Thou shall not bear false witness -unless he or she believes a greater good is being achieved in service of the state.” The Bible does not say, “Thou shall not steal -unless it is the house of a Palestinian and the thief is a Jew. The Bible does not say, “Thou shall not lie -except when Zionists need to propagandize in support of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”


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Christians against Israel

A portion of the US elite, who are heathens by definition, have made their false god the power of the state. These individuals believe they can create the perfect ordered society through force. These elites are primarily split amongst two camps.

One camp believes it can create a better world through the liberal use of force by making other nations in the image of a secular US, the other believes in power for its sake and as a tool to ensure their dominance to make a better world for them at the expense of exploiting others. But, for both groups state power has become their idol.

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3 thoughts on “The foolish dogma and logic of Christian Zionists

  1. Anthony Clifton


    maybe a peasant ….
    could help..,7340,L-4345232,00.html

    .with twelve tall trees…

    between them they have almost 10 years on the trail…

    looks like the truth is getting more difficult to avoid for some

      1. Winston Smith

        E.T. Good stuff. The lies we have been tuaght are soon to be exposed on a GRAND Scale! Keep up the great job.

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